Becoming a Teen Should Be Commemorated

Young teenager birthday parties are hard to pull off nowadays. Kids seem to be so numb to anything unless it is plugged in or dazzling. We were not really worried about our little girl-she will always be our little girl-but some of her more distant friends were another story. We knew that part of preteen and teen society is to have some sort of wow factor the other kids can remember you for. We looked into entertainment hire for children’s birthday parties.

Not the typical clown and pony act that used to wow little kids, but something more appropriate for a 12 year old girl turning 13. Read more ›

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I Am No Longer Craving Cigarettes

When my friend told me I should check out innokin vape, I decided to do just that because I knew he would not steer me wrong. I had been a smoker for nearly two decades, and I was having a hard time since I quit a couple of weeks ago. There has been at least a few times each day where I have reached for a cigarette, and I honestly did not know how much more willpower I had in me. My friend did not want to see me go back to cigarettes after not having one for over two weeks, so he did some research on vaping. Read more ›

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Clay Pigeon Shooting is Our Perfect Family Hobby

We wanted a family hobby. My grandfather suggested we all go shooting on the weekends. I was not so sure about that. I grew up shooting a little bit, but my wife had only shot once. Our children never even handled a gun before. Well, we decided to get some shooting instruction at a professional place, and they offer clay pigeon shooting too. We did lousy at it our first time out, but we could not wait to get back there the next weekend to do it again. That was quite some time ago, and now we have children who have won money, ribbons and trophies for their sport clay shooting expertise.

I have never won a competition, but that is because I do not compete. Read more ›

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Her Horse Was Too Cold

I had no idea what kind of horse rugs to look at when my daughter told me she wanted to get one for her horse. We had recently moved, and she was concerned about her horse getting cold. I honestly thought that horses were capable of taking the cold, which shows how little I know about them. I went online to start looking for a nice horse rug for her when she explained that the harsh winter elements can be very harmful for any animal who is not protected or sheltered properly.

I did know that no horse wants to stay in a stall all winter long, so having a horse rug to keep them warm did make sense. I still did not know what to look for in one, so I went online to look at different ones and to see what I could learn about one. Read more ›

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I Am Ready to Quit Smoking

Of course I am not really sure that I am keen to go cold turkey, so I am looking at the alternatives to smoking. My plan goes something like this. I am going to try to substitute more useful endeavors for the habit of smoking and try to curb the urge to smoke with safer alternatives. Of course they have the nicotine patch, the nicotine gum and so forth, but these do not really replicate the physical part of the smoking habit. So I have been looking at vaping kits and e cigs. That is obviously a delivery system which is pretty much the same as smoking a cigarette, but the advantage is that you do not have the really nasty stuff that comes along in tobacco smoke with the addictive nicotine. You do not need the tar and all of the carcinogenic stuff in the smoke, it does not do anything for you and you are not going to start climbing the walls if you have none of it. Read more ›

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Excellent Protection for Hearth and Home

After I learned that our new home sat just a short distance from a council estate, I knew we would likely need cctv cameras at some point. Sure enough we hadn’t been here long before the vandalism started. At first it was minor incidents, but they quickly escalated to leaving burning bags on the porch and spray painting the sidewalk and the house. Our problem is that we ignored the problem for far too long. We didn’t even ring the police until the vandalism escalated, and that was a lost cause as all they’ll do is likely issue a caution.

One policeman said that we should look into a way of proving who was performing the vandalism. Do that, he said, and the police would likely take concrete action. Read more ›

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Giving an Airsoft Gun As a Gift

The holidays are just around the corner, so it’s time for me to start thinking about what I want to buy everyone. My brother has been asking for custom Airsoft guns for a while now. My dad has been hesitant to buy him one, but I think that now may be the right time to make that purchase. I think he’s old enough now, so I’m going to do a little research on the products that are available before I make my purchase. This website I found not only has all of the guns that he would be interested in, but they also sell accessories and ammunition. I just may put together a little gift basket for him that includes all of the essentials.

If I purchase the gun, I feel like I will need to also purchase a magazine for him. Read more ›

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Documenting Health and Safety checks – how you can prove you’re protecting your staff

Safety in the workplace is paramount, not simply for keeping staff safe and healthy while carrying out their work, but also to protect your business should there be any incidents or accidents at work.


Your legal obligation

By law, all businesses in the UK must adhere to the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), which outlines that employers have a legal duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of workers and provide a safe and healthy working environment. There are other employment legislation, such as the Management of Health and Safety at Work Act (1999) and the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations (1992), along with industry specific ones that should also be adhered to by law.

The benefits of documenting health and safety checks

Adhering to these legislations will work to ensure the appropriate health and safety measures are in place throughout your business, while also demonstrating best practice when it comes to health and safety. This is why it’s imperative to ensure health and safety checks are well documented and this information is retained.

Having a retrospective account of your health and safety checks and systems will help to improve on health and safety systems and give you and staff confidence that you’re doing everything you can to ensure good health and safety practice. At the same time this will also provide documented proof that you regularly maintain and regulate health and safety measures and value their importance.

A Health and Safety Policy

First and foremost, you should ensure that your business has a Health and Safety Policy clearly documenting who does what, when and how within the business. This will clarify health and safety policy and show workers and others that you are serious about Health and Safety in your workplace.

Risk Assessments

A key element of health and safety checks is identifying and controlling the risks to workers and others in your working environment. This is where carrying out a thorough risk assessment is vital.

The aim of a risk assessment is not to do paperwork for the sake of paperwork, but to give a structured approach to identifying risks and finding reasonable solutions to eliminating or reducing the risk levels.

While companies with less than five employees aren’t required to write down their findings in risk assessments, it is good practice as a business to do so anyway. This will provide you with a reference to look back on and written proof that the appropriate measures have been taken to maintain health and safety systems.

Logging incidents

Risk assessment will help you to create a safe and healthy working environment, but inevitably accidents do still happen. In these instances you should keep a record of any incidents or accidents, along with action taken in a formal accident reporting document.

By keeping on top of your paperwork with regards to health and safety policies, risk assessments, health and safety practices and incident reporting, you can prove to staff that you’re taking the appropriate measures to protect them, as well as have evidence should you need it for legal reasons.

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Optimizing your LinkedIn Company Profile

With over 225 million users, LinkedIn is one of the largest social networking websites. Not only individual users, but it hosts millions of companies as well, who meet, hire, and expand themselves at this sole platform. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small emerging enterprise or a huge corporation, you need to keep your LinkedIn profile optimized, for better outputs.


Optimizing your company profile helps you gain followers as a result of which you can hire best talent, make business partners, and engage in dealings with other cross-border companies. There are multiple ways with which you can improve your company profile i.e. improving SEO ranking of your LinkedIn. This helps you draw traffic and gain leads.

Some of these methods are discussed below:

Include Keywords into your Content

The most basic thing which you can do to improve SEO ranking of your LinkedIn is adding keywords into the content you post on your profile. The things you write make a lot of difference to the visibility of your profile. Therefore, give importance to the addition of SEO based keywords in your content.

Use Images and Videos

Adding images and videos is another great way to improve the visibility of your profile. You can add keywords in their description. Moreover, you can include SEO based keywords in the thumbnails which will also improve your rankings.

Apart from improving your SEO rankings, photos and videos elevate the appeal of your profile. Your content looks extremely beautiful when you incorporate catchy material.

Add Showcase Pages

Another thing which you can do to optimize your company’s profile on LinkedIn is add showcase pages. You can add additional tabs on the right side of your screen where you can include auxiliary information about your products and services.

Write Content which Generates Engagements

Engaging with your followers is very important when it comes to expanding your social media presence. This needs you to write content which will push your followers like and comment on your posts. For the purpose, what you can do is,

  • Write Problem Solving Content: Write articles which provide a solution to business problems. This will draw attraction not only from general followership but from companies as well, thus increasing your prospects of growth.
  • Ask Questions: You can ask questions or urge people to write their views about your company or articles. This will increase your engagement with people as well.
  • Organize Quiz and Public Poles: Design quizzes and public poles which improve public engagement over your profile.

Active Online Community of your Employees

Your employees are the biggest asset of your firm, both in office and on social media. Maintain an active online community of your employees. Ask them to engage over your company’s LinkedIn profile. Make sure the things they write include business related keywords which will further the numbers of people following you.

Social media is a huge platform which offers holistic growth, only if used right. Optimize your LinkedIn to improve your SEO rankings and to enhance public engagements over your profile. This will help your business expand.

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Storyboarding with IPads – Encourages Educational Creativity

Many schools around the country have eliminated creative subject matters from their pursuits. This is one of the reasons that homeschool educators have embraced them. There are educational benefits to allowing students to embark on their creative goals. Technology has made this possible in a variety of ways. Storyboarding is an example of an activity that utilizes creativity, art, graphics and engineering focuses.

ipad education school

Students can use storyboarding with IPads to complete assignments in different subjects. At the same time, they can use these processes to develop something completely unique. The processes involved with storyboarding uses sequences to pre-visualize various things. This is a way to approach animation, interactive media and the development of motion pictures. Teachers can maximize from apps that enable these activities and online resources that focus on them in detail.

Build Animation Skills

There is a difference between sketching animation on paper and storyboarding efforts. Both of these activities are related but deliver different skills. The animation industry today is diverse in its uses. There are magazines, applications and web designs in need of these animations. Students will be able to build their own skills by learning the processes of storyboarding and using apps designed for it. It doesn’t matter whether you are creating a video or movie. These skills can be applied to either pursuit.

Learn Graphic Art

Arts in various fields now use storyboarding applications. They can utilize these processes to showcase art in a different medium. Artistic students many be able to get direction for their future careers through storyboarding. Details about design and graphics are involved in these activities. Teachers can use this as a development tool and use it to introduce unique project ideas. Including the use of color, graphics and design is a part of this process.

Pinpoint Video Making

There’s a difference between amateur video making and activities that are more professional. Some video directors enjoy being able to pinpoint the overall direction of the project. Storyboarding is used in this process. It shows through sequencing what the ultimate goal is for the video. This may mean streamlining certain aspects and adding others. Students can learn direction and production skills through storyboarding.

Experiment with Cinematography

Storyboarding is used in cinematography these days. The sequencing details advances the way that motion pictures and animations are produced. Traditional drawing and sketching activities are no longer necessary in the same ways. Apps that teach and promote storyboarding activities are beneficial to developing media.  Many industries utilize these approaches for marketing and advertising efforts. Gaining skills and abilities in these areas may open professional doors to students.

Using technology available on IPads is one way to approach the creative side of students. These are terrific resources that allow for unique projects. Teachers have a selection of different apps that enhance storyboarding activities. Students particularly interested in this activity may decide to pursue specific careers. There are IT positions that require these capabilities, as well as, those related to production. Gaining experience with storyboarding will encourage more educational objectives.


For 15 years Mimi Rothschild has been privileged to help hundreds of thousands of homeschoolers educate their children at home. The MorningStar Academy is a private online Christian school offering diplomas and teachers. The Jubilee Academy is an online Christian curriculum provider offering over 150 full year online Christian courses for PreK-12.



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Health & Safety in the Kitchen – What Business Owners Should Consider

The commercial kitchen is a busy and hot place. Producing delicious tasting food for your customers should not come at the expense of the safety of your kitchen staff. The kitchen, however, is a hot bed of accidents waiting to happen and when they do, the effects can be catastrophic for your staff, as well as for your business.


With this in mind, we offer five tips for making sure that health and safety in your commercial kitchen is as the top of its games;

  1. Food hygiene

From prepping of food, to serving it to storage of it, every stage of this process must be done safely. Bacteria needs certain conditions to grow and yes, you’ve guessed it, the conditions in your commercial kitchen are perfect.

Basic food hygiene is understanding how cross contamination occurs and the steps taken to prevent it. For those working in a commercial kitchen, advanced food hygiene courses and those specific to hospitality sectors also improve health and safety in the kitchen.

  1. Burns and scalds

Hot ovens, hobs, deep fat fryers, the heated pass, the hot water boilers, the commercial dishwasher and so on, all present the hazards of burns and scalds.

In some ways, being burnt is almost inevitable when dealing with heated liquids and foods but this doesn’t mean that health and safety should not exist. In many cases, kitchen staff wearing the right uniform can make a difference. For example, the three-quarter sleeve chef jacket protects the upper arms from burns, the part of the body mostly likely to be caught on a hot over door or shelf.

  1. Slipping

The floor in a commercial kitchen can become slippery from food or drink being inadvertently spilt, as well as condensation that can form during a fast, furious and hot service.

Many commercial kitchens have a member of staff who is responsible for cleanliness throughout the shift, actively looking for and wiping up spills etc. When this happens, there should be a ‘caution: slippery surface’ sign used on the floor, and all members made aware of it.

  1. Sharp knives

Chef knives are unlike domestic knives. A chef prides himself on keeping his or her knives super-sharp. But, to an untrained or lay person, they may use this knife, assuming it is like the knives they have at home.

This leads to cuts, some of which can be deep and unpleasant lacerations needing stitches. As well as warning people, ensuring that you have an adequately trained first aider with a first aid box stacked with the equipment they need is vital too.

  1. Safe use of equipment

From potato peelers to commercial dishwasher, to meat cutters and more, there are all kinds of pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen and it is important that staff members are trained on how to use it properly.

Some of these pieces of equipment may be familiar, and this helps in their operation but should not be relied upon as a means of training.

The commercial kitchen should be as safe as it possibly can. Is yours?


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