Amzdeal Moving Life 8000mAh: Beautiful by Design

Nowadays, almost everyone in the world possesses multiple gadgets. As the gadgets have lot of features, it makes them consume a lot of power. The solution is to use Power Bank, where we can store a lot of power to be used ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE.


Amzdeal Moving Life 8000mAh offer you a great power solution!


Amzdeal Moving Life 8000mAh has a very beautiful design. It comes in a choice of 2 colors: pink and white. At first impression, this powerbank might look a little girlie, but not so! Amzdeal have designed this power bank with a prominent edge, which sets off it’s strong design and makes it suitable to use for men too. They put their logo Amzdeal on the lower side of the front and the Moving Life on the top. This is a wonderful combination and helps the product look great. This leaves a lot of blank space in front of the cover, so you can put everything you like here (for example, a sticker of your company). Take a look at the slim design (5.75 x 2.75 inches. 180g), you will be able to put it anywhere (even in your pocket) without taking up a lot of space. Amzdeal also use an eco-friendly material building this power bank, so it’s a positive step towards a green world!

The side of this power bank has a socket to charge the battery. The interface is mini-USB which is a standard rechargeable method nowadays. 4 blue lights on the side indicate how much power remains. It only takes a single touch to check the power and this helps make this powerbank easy to use.

Amzdeal give a pouch for every purchase of Moving Life 8000 mAh, which helps protect your beauty powerbank from dust.


Amzdeal Moving Life 8000 mAh uses Li-Polymer batteries as their component.

8000 mAh is enough amount to charge your gadget (such as your iPhone) up to 3-4 times a day (depending on the gadget you used). It’s not too bigor too small. It strikes the perfect balance in power-charging and power-using.

A white USB to Micro USB charging cable (approx 21 inches long) is included with every purchase. The cable is the perfect length to bring everywhere on your travels.


The slim and lightweight design, the look of this power bank is great. It has load of functionality and is a great size. It looks well (does not look cheap) beside high-end gadgets such as the iPhone.


If you wish to charge a tablet PC, it will a higher capacity battery. But as long as you use only gadgets such as  cell phones, smartphones, iPhone, it will be more than adequate.


White Color:

Pink Color:




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