Becoming a Teen Should Be Commemorated

Young teenager birthday parties are hard to pull off nowadays. Kids seem to be so numb to anything unless it is plugged in or dazzling. We were not really worried about our little girl-she will always be our little girl-but some of her more distant friends were another story. We knew that part of preteen and teen society is to have some sort of wow factor the other kids can remember you for. We looked into entertainment hire for children’s birthday parties.

Not the typical clown and pony act that used to wow little kids, but something more appropriate for a 12 year old girl turning 13. We decided that some nice music and dancing in a tent set up in our garden would be a good start. Of course, the DJ had to be cool and have a super sound system. No little karaoke box would do. Plus, the music had to come with a good light show. We also got a few fun games and simulators along with some trained street and break dancers to put on an act on the dance floor. One of the coolest things was the hired paparazzi photographers to take pictures of our little girl when she pulled up in a limousine and walked the red carpet. An awesome face painter and a photo booth for all the kids to use rounded out what we had at the party.

The next day at school proved the party was a success. Our little girl was a hit at her school. Even though kids move on quickly to the next best thing, we knew that our daughter would remember her thirteenth birthday party for the rest of her life. We had planned for it beginning almost a year in advance so we could budget for the professional entertainment hire. It was worth it in many ways.

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