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I Am No Longer Craving Cigarettes

When my friend told me I should check out innokin vape, I decided to do just that because I knew he would not steer me wrong. I had been a smoker for nearly two decades, and I was having a

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Clay Pigeon Shooting is Our Perfect Family Hobby

We wanted a family hobby. My grandfather suggested we all go shooting on the weekends. I was not so sure about that. I grew up shooting a little bit, but my wife had only shot once. Our children never even

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Her Horse Was Too Cold

I had no idea what kind of horse rugs to look at when my daughter told me she wanted to get one for her horse. We had recently moved, and she was concerned about her horse getting cold. I honestly

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I Am Ready to Quit Smoking

Of course I am not really sure that I am keen to go cold turkey, so I am looking at the alternatives to smoking. My plan goes something like this. I am going to try to substitute more useful endeavors

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Excellent Protection for Hearth and Home

After I learned that our new home sat just a short distance from a council estate, I knew we would likely need cctv cameras at some point. Sure enough we hadn’t been here long before the vandalism started. At first

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Giving an Airsoft Gun As a Gift

The holidays are just around the corner, so it’s time for me to start thinking about what I want to buy everyone. My brother has been asking for custom Airsoft guns for a while now. My dad has been hesitant

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Cute Favors for Your Winter Wedding

Deciding on winter wedding favors can be a fun aspect of planning. Many couples are moving away from the tried and true favors that have been given out for years in favor of newer ideas their guests are likely to

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Becoming a Teen Should Be Commemorated

Young teenager birthday parties are hard to pull off nowadays. Kids seem to be so numb to anything unless it is plugged in or dazzling. We were not really worried about our little girl-she will always be our little girl-but

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Banking on the Big Buddha

When my state legalized marijuana, I was excited. After years of only being able to smoke marijuana in secret, I could buy and smoke it without getting in any legal troubles. The first thing I did to celebrate the legalization

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