Clay Pigeon Shooting is Our Perfect Family Hobby

We wanted a family hobby. My grandfather suggested we all go shooting on the weekends. I was not so sure about that. I grew up shooting a little bit, but my wife had only shot once. Our children never even handled a gun before. Well, we decided to get some shooting instruction at a professional place, and they offer clay pigeon shooting too. We did lousy at it our first time out, but we could not wait to get back there the next weekend to do it again. That was quite some time ago, and now we have children who have won money, ribbons and trophies for their sport clay shooting expertise.

I have never won a competition, but that is because I do not compete. I may have been good enough a couple of times to win in some beginner competitions. I do not know. I shoot for just the leisurely fun. My wife has even won a competition for clay pigeon shooting. She shoots every weekend with us, and likes the hobby of it and the social interaction. The kids like all that too, but they really have the desire to win at every event as well. It is a sport as well as a hobby to them. We know it is a serious sport to them, especially for the money we got invested in their competition guns. They are custom made for each of them. The thing is that they will outgrow them as they are not adults yet.

The place has a gun shop too where the special shotguns were made for the kids to grow with them as their arms grow to adjust their reach. As their necks grew longer, they need an adjustable cheek weld on the butt stock to keep their eyes lined up precisely along the barrel. However, these youth guns only adjust so far. We are saving for their adult shotguns so they do not have to spend their competition winnings on new equipment. I guess my grandfather helped us pick the perfect family hobby.

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