Cute Favors for Your Winter Wedding

Deciding on winter wedding favors can be a fun aspect of planning. Many couples are moving away from the tried and true favors that have been given out for years in favor of newer ideas their guests are likely to find cute.

Winter Wedding

One example of a cute favor for your winter wedding is Mason jar tiny pies. These are essentially mini fruit pies small enough to fit in Mason jar. You can bake small pies and place one in each jar for a cute favor your guests will love.

In keeping with the cuteness of mini anything, one cute winter wedding favor idea is a mini ice wine bottle to give to each guest. Ice wine is made from frozen grapes picked straight from the vine, which is where it gets its name from. You can have personalized labels printed up and wrap a label around each wine bottle.

For only a few dollars per guest you can choose to make personalized snowflake magnets for your winter wedding. Most craft stores sell the magnet strips as well as blank discs that you can paint and decorate as you wish.

Another option for personalized wedding favors is a wooden wine stopper. Or you can choose to save corks from bottles of wine you’ve consumed throughout the year and adorn them with a winter symbol such as a small snowflake. Using a Sharpie you can carefully write your wedding date on it.

If you’d rather not create your own wedding favors you can purchase reasonably priced ones that are cute for a winter wedding. One of your options is to purchase scented pine cone candles for each guest. These candles can be bought online in bulk, making it easy for you to order wedding favors that fit in nicely with your big day.

Whether you purchase coasters or make them at home, a coaster embossed with a large white snowflake allows you to give your guests a cute but practical gift. To create them at home you can purchase blank, clear coasters and glass paint. Divide each coaster into four sections and draw or paint a snowflake in each one. You can always paint your names and wedding date to the bottom of the coasters.

If you want to give an interactive wedding favors, consider making some small centerpieces using sparklers. You can find sparklers for weddings at pretty much any fireworks retailer, or you can always shop online if it’s more convenient. Just place a few wedding sparklers in a jar for every guests and you have a very inexpensive wedding favor that will warm your guests at a chilly winter wedding reception.

Guests with a sweet tooth will love it if they receive a small bag of chocolate covered Oreos from you. All you need are the appropriate number of Oreos and candy melts in a color such as blue. Grocery stores sell Oreos covered in white chocolate during the holidays. If you purchase these Oreos all you have to do is create edible snowflakes out of frosting.

For a wedding taking place around the holidays a cute favor is clear Christmas bulbs with all the ingredients for hot chocolate in them. You can open the bulb; pour in hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows and any other little extras you might want to add.

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