Excellent Protection for Hearth and Home

After I learned that our new home sat just a short distance from a council estate, I knew we would likely need cctv cameras at some point. Sure enough we hadn’t been here long before the vandalism started. At first it was minor incidents, but they quickly escalated to leaving burning bags on the porch and spray painting the sidewalk and the house. Our problem is that we ignored the problem for far too long. We didn’t even ring the police until the vandalism escalated, and that was a lost cause as all they’ll do is likely issue a caution.

One policeman said that we should look into a way of proving who was performing the vandalism. Do that, he said, and the police would likely take concrete action. That’s when we looked online to see about obtaining a camera security system. Surely catching them in the act on video would stand up in even the most lenient courtroom. I feared purchasing a system would cost an arm and a leg, but quickly found a site that was only reasonable but had excellent equipment and services. We purchased a camera with night vision and a dvr to record the footage.

Setting it up was a snap. Even when I had some technical problems, I was able to go online and get troubleshooting help from a technician. It took about a day to install and we sat back and waited to see what would happen. We didn’t have to wait long. On the second night a group of chavs arrived to work their magic. Not only did we catch them on the camera, the high definition footage was crystal clear. There was no doubt as to their identity and the police quickly picked them up. Word got out fast that our home is now off limits!

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