Her Horse Was Too Cold

I had no idea what kind of horse rugs to look at when my daughter told me she wanted to get one for her horse. We had recently moved, and she was concerned about her horse getting cold. I honestly thought that horses were capable of taking the cold, which shows how little I know about them. I went online to start looking for a nice horse rug for her when she explained that the harsh winter elements can be very harmful for any animal who is not protected or sheltered properly.

I did know that no horse wants to stay in a stall all winter long, so having a horse rug to keep them warm did make sense. I still did not know what to look for in one, so I went online to look at different ones and to see what I could learn about one. I learned how to tell when a horse is cold, and I did notice some of those signs on my daughter’s horse, like the cold ears and her tail clamping down. I had to make sure to not get one that would have the opposite effect though, making her horse too hot.

I knew that I would not buy one without showing it to her first, but I still wanted to find a few to show her so she could pick the one that she wanted out of them. She liked the Masta Fleece Base layer rug the best, and we ended up ordering the blue star one. It is very easy to put on her, and we have both been able to tell just how much nicer it is for her horse to be out in the cold now. We got her a fleece hood as well, and she is not only warm now but very stylish too!

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