Homework – Do students really benefit from learning at home?

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Recently some education experts have branded some compulsory homework as ‘completely pointless’ – claiming that the additional work is difficult for students and is a way of the government cutting down the education budget and pushing the pressure onto parents to help their child’s education.

Whether you agree or disagree with Tom Bennett who writes for the Times Educational Supplement, one thing is for sure and that is that home work is an essential part of any education – whether it be additional work from home or as he claims ‘ticking boxes’ and lacking really measured success.

Creating homework schedules

One thing that often comes down to the success of homework will be a good structure. Many parents in modern society find themselves very busy and not able to deal well with a structure of homework but if they are to help their children become successful they will have to put something together even if it means putting extra stress on themselves.

A few blocked hours every week should be set aside and distractions such as the TV, video games or friends should be removed. Make sure your child gets in the right time frame for learning and that when goals are met then they are rewarded.

By making homework more manageable your child will get the full benefits. If what Tom Bennett claims is true then homework may become a chore rather than a motivational task to get your child to where they need to be.

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Hiring a private tutor to help with homework

For the wealthier parents out there then a private tutor can be used to aid a child’s learning at home. Since many children see their parents outside of school in an environment where they might play games or have a story at bedtime, a private tutor can create a separate experience for a child. Whilst they might still be studying at home (if not deciding to go for a private tutor at a learning centre) a different personality that comes with a private tutor might offer something a little different from their experience at school and be able to help them tackle their homework in their own learning style.

How much home work is enough?

The difficulties with homework comes with the fact that many children are at different stages in their education and sometimes of different levels. Whilst some need homework as a need for repeating what they have already learned in class, many will just find it a bit of an overload. It is worth speaking to the teacher to see whether they can either extend or condense the amount of homework they have to do. Whilst each Ofsted programme might cover the basics, the important thing is that your child gets the right results in the long run.

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