I Am No Longer Craving Cigarettes

When my friend told me I should check out innokin vape, I decided to do just that because I knew he would not steer me wrong. I had been a smoker for nearly two decades, and I was having a hard time since I quit a couple of weeks ago. There has been at least a few times each day where I have reached for a cigarette, and I honestly did not know how much more willpower I had in me. My friend did not want to see me go back to cigarettes after not having one for over two weeks, so he did some research on vaping.

When he told me that the information he had found was very encouraging, I decided to look into it within minutes of his telling me. I wanted a cigarette that much, and i knew that I could hold off if I could vape instead. I read about vaping first because I did not want to go from smoking cigarettes to something else that was equally as bad. I knew after all I had read that this was going to be a good substitute for me, and I read about the actual vaping equipment and juices next.

I knew I would have to get a starter kit, and that was easy enough to pick out. I also looked at all of the juices, and it surprised me that there were as many different flavors as there are. I thought it would just be the tobacco taste that I had gotten used to with my cigarettes, but there was a lot more to choose from. I like the taste of menthol now and again, and I really enjoy most fruits, so I started out with a few of those. I am so glad my friend told me about this, and I am no longer craving cigarettes.

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