I Am Ready to Quit Smoking

Of course I am not really sure that I am keen to go cold turkey, so I am looking at the alternatives to smoking. My plan goes something like this. I am going to try to substitute more useful endeavors for the habit of smoking and try to curb the urge to smoke with safer alternatives. Of course they have the nicotine patch, the nicotine gum and so forth, but these do not really replicate the physical part of the smoking habit. So I have been looking at vaping kits and e cigs. That is obviously a delivery system which is pretty much the same as smoking a cigarette, but the advantage is that you do not have the really nasty stuff that comes along in tobacco smoke with the addictive nicotine. You do not need the tar and all of the carcinogenic stuff in the smoke, it does not do anything for you and you are not going to start climbing the walls if you have none of it.

In fact I do not think that these are truly safe, nicotine can do stuff to your heart for example. However it is obvious enough that you are better off not inhaling all of the really nasty carcinogens in the tobacco. I figure that if I start exercising then that is something that could take up the time and help me to extend the time between fixes of nicotine. The idea is to get off of the stuff, since smoking cigarettes is very much analogous to setting your money on fire. I guess that I must spend at least fifty dollars per week on cigarettes, or at least I did before I started trying to curb my smoking. Right now I am down to about fifteen cigarettes per day or three packs every four days.

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