Kid’s Party Tips

Organising your child’s birthday party can be quite a stressful affair. As a children’s entertainer I’ve been at numerous parties the past few years therefore I can pass on to you some useful pointers. Here are some tips that will help you to ensure that the party runs smoother and hassle free.

Kids Party

Make up two different party bags, one for boys and one for girls. Places like Pondland are ideal to source items for these. Occasionally there will be more children in attendance than you invited. This is usually because a child will bring along his or her sibling. Therefore it’s important that you have a few more party bags in cases this happens.

Thanks to our American friends it seems a trend these days to have a piñata at the party. From my experience this is a bad idea as the children get bored queuing up and I have seen one child hit another with the stick when they missed the piñata. Also nearly every design I have seen has proved to be incredibly difficult to split once the child begins bashing it. If you do opt to include a piñata then it’s a good idea to weaken the cardboard a little, possibly with a few slits with a knife.

Try not to neglect the parents that are at the party. They will be there for two hours so make sure that tea coffee and biscuits are on offer. Its best to make sure there is adequate seating for the parents to watch the show.

It seems a good idea to scatter the floor with balloons before the children arrive. This is a really bad idea as it makes the children very wild as they chase each other around. I have seen numerous children in tears with bumped heads because of dreaded balloons scattered across the floor. The best course of action is to tie them to the wall so that there out of reach but the venue still has a party like appearance.

If you are booking entertainment such as a disco or a magician, make sure that there is a parking space saved for them. If you live in a residential area then more than likely the few car parking spaces rapidly fill up. The entertainer will have lots of equipment to bring in and for their convenience being parked near the entrance will be very helpful.

It’s a good idea to take the mobile numbers of parents that are leaving their children at the party. It is very rarely happens but occasionally a child may become a little stressed due to the absence of the parents. Nobody wants a screaming child at a party (especially if it isn’t yours!)

If you have hired out a community hall for the party make sure that the postcode and adequate directions are printed on the party invite. It also helps to tie balloons on the entrance if it is easily missed.   This has been enormously helpful to me on many occasions.

Finally try not to worry to much and enjoy yourselves. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures for cherished memories!

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