Learning the Art of Balloon Twisting

When I am balloon twisting at an event I am often asked by parents how they too can learn balloon twisting. It seems that a lots of people fall in love with the sculptures as soon as they see them and would love to make these for their children at home. Getting started in balloon twisting is a little difficult if you do not have somebody to offer you a few general guidelines. I have therefore put together a few handy hints to help you get started along your journey.

Balloon Twisting

There are many places you can buy balloon twister starter kits. It’s best to steer clear from them as the quality of the balloons isn’t very good. These balloons will pop often and they are usually too short in length to make anything good. You will just about make up a dog if you are lucky. I have spoken to so many people that have gone down this route and failed and given up straight away. It’s important that you buy branded balloons otherwise they will not be sufficient. Look for brands such as Qualatex. These are great as they rarely pop and are the choice of professionals.

The next phase is the learning of the arts. Avoid buying books as they are a little one-dimensional and when you have a wealth of knowledge on You Tube it is a much better way to learn. I first began with a book and really struggled to understand the illustrations. There is a world of difference when you are seeing these on-screen in video formats. It is easily the best method to learn. There are a wealth of instructors on You Tube and some are great where as some are not so up to standard. If you are struggling with a video and the audio or visual quality is poor simply search for another video as they are many instructors with great sound and sufficient lighting. We really are spoilt for and for choice and to think all this is for free it’s wonderful.

You will come across some videos that teach you how to inflate the balloons with your mouth as they are very thin and difficult to blowup. I would simply purchase a pump as it’s a lot easier. I have attempted to blow modeling balloons up and really hurt my cheeks so I’ll never try this again and stick to my pump.

My final bit of advice is to never give up. When I first began balloon twisting, I was very slow and it took me a long time to make my first sculpture (a dog). My balloons were popping often (this was because of cheap balloons or putting too much air in them) and I found the whole process with the different twists quite challenging. Fast forward a year and I am now making some very impressive stuff and I find it very easy and increasingly enjoyable. Some people think I am quite gifted at what I do however I just persevered and decided to never give up. I guess this is true for any art or craft.

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