Optimizing your LinkedIn Company Profile

With over 225 million users, LinkedIn is one of the largest social networking websites. Not only individual users, but it hosts millions of companies as well, who meet, hire, and expand themselves at this sole platform. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small emerging enterprise or a huge corporation, you need to keep your LinkedIn profile optimized, for better outputs.


Optimizing your company profile helps you gain followers as a result of which you can hire best talent, make business partners, and engage in dealings with other cross-border companies. There are multiple ways with which you can improve your company profile i.e. improving SEO ranking of your LinkedIn. This helps you draw traffic and gain leads.

Some of these methods are discussed below:

Include Keywords into your Content

The most basic thing which you can do to improve SEO ranking of your LinkedIn is adding keywords into the content you post on your profile. The things you write make a lot of difference to the visibility of your profile. Therefore, give importance to the addition of SEO based keywords in your content.

Use Images and Videos

Adding images and videos is another great way to improve the visibility of your profile. You can add keywords in their description. Moreover, you can include SEO based keywords in the thumbnails which will also improve your rankings.

Apart from improving your SEO rankings, photos and videos elevate the appeal of your profile. Your content looks extremely beautiful when you incorporate catchy material.

Add Showcase Pages

Another thing which you can do to optimize your company’s profile on LinkedIn is add showcase pages. You can add additional tabs on the right side of your screen where you can include auxiliary information about your products and services.

Write Content which Generates Engagements

Engaging with your followers is very important when it comes to expanding your social media presence. This needs you to write content which will push your followers like and comment on your posts. For the purpose, what you can do is,

  • Write Problem Solving Content: Write articles which provide a solution to business problems. This will draw attraction not only from general followership but from companies as well, thus increasing your prospects of growth.
  • Ask Questions: You can ask questions or urge people to write their views about your company or articles. This will increase your engagement with people as well.
  • Organize Quiz and Public Poles: Design quizzes and public poles which improve public engagement over your profile.

Active Online Community of your Employees

Your employees are the biggest asset of your firm, both in office and on social media. Maintain an active online community of your employees. Ask them to engage over your company’s LinkedIn profile. Make sure the things they write include business related keywords which will further the numbers of people following you.

Social media is a huge platform which offers holistic growth, only if used right. Optimize your LinkedIn to improve your SEO rankings and to enhance public engagements over your profile. This will help your business expand.

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