Working at Height – Not Just a Concern for the Construction Industry

There are many rules and regulations that govern safe practice in the workplace but, there are some that are commonly associated with certain industries and sectors.


For example, manual handling training is associated with those working in a heavily physical role, such as lifting or moving patients. As a result, some employers think that some training is sector or industry specific. The truth is far different. If your employees are lifting items, even if they are ‘only light’ and do so infrequently, they should be trained in manual handling.

The same is true when it comes to ‘Working at Height’ regulations. Many employers assume that these sets of regulations and good practice guidance are only for the construction industry where the frequency of employees using ladders and other climbing equipment is a daily occurrence, and several times in the day too.

But, ‘Working at Height’ regulations cover ALL industries and all sectors.

Why is falling from height considered a risk?

Falls from height are responsible for many injuries every year across a range of industries. In some cases, the injuries sustained are fatal. Research shows that anyone who falls from two metres or more is likely to sustain serious injury.

There are many jobs that people do that involve heights, from working using ladders and scaffolding, to working on roofs, as well as over tanks and pits or on elevated structures. Balancing on stepladders to retrieve items from high shelving, such as in a supermarket or storeroom, are also covered by ‘Working at Height’ regulations and practices.

The legal viewpoint

As well as being a moral duty to protect those that work for and with you, employers are also bound by health and safety legislations. These laws and regulations provide guidance on how workers, as well as members of the public, should be protected from hazards and risks in the workplace.

  • The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 – these regulations cover all aspects for the workplace and stipulate that employers must ensure that all areas that could result in a fall from height are properly guarded
  • The Work at Height Regulations 2005 – this regulation encourages people not to work at height, unless it is absolutely necessary. Where it cannot be avoided, it ensures practical means of protecting people from falls, as well as the steps to take for adequate prevention of falling and so on.

Assessing the risk

ALL employers should assess the risks with employees who work at height, whether this is a frequent task or not. Using a step ladder to retrieve something from the top shelf may seem harmless enough but, if it not risk assessed, then it could lead to an injured employee.

It is not an onerous task to ensure that your employees are safe at work, and neither is ensuring that they can work at height safely. Working safely at height is as simple as providing the right equipment to complete a task safely, and ensuring your employees are trained to do so.


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4 times to talk Health and Safety with staff

Health and safety should always be a priority for employers, not least because it’s your legal duty to provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees. But also, by applying the appropriate health and safety policies and procedures you can reduce the number of work related accidents and injuries, as well as save your company from facing potential legal prosecution and personal injury claims.


However, maintaining good health and safety practice isn’t just a one off process, it requires continuous upkeep and assessment. As part of the process, you should regularly carry out risk assessments and put preventative measures in place, but more importantly you also need to communicate the risks, measures and training to your staff

To ensure your staff stay up to date with the latest health and safety concerns and processes within your business there are four key times you should be talking to them about health and safety.

The Induction

First and foremost, any newcomer to the workplace should always be given a thorough health and safety briefing, regardless of their experience. Preparing a constructive health and safety induction protocol will ensure workers recognise and understand the inherent risks posed to them in the workplace. It will also ensure they know the correct procedures, such as the use of fire extinguishers or specialist equipment, as well as ensuring they are aware of their personal responsibility to adhere to health and safety guidelines and report any health and safety concerns.

Identifying Risks

Following on from this, another important time to talk health and safety with your staff is when a potential risk or hazard has been identified within the workplace. This could be anything from a change in operational procedures that highlights a new unforeseen risk, lapses in the use of safety equipment, or general wear and tear of machinery or other work related equipment. Making sure your staff know they must report risks they become aware of, as well as communicating these risks to every staff member involved will help to encourage an open culture and show that as an employer you are acting on their concerns.

When an incident occurs

The other key time that you must talk health and safety with workers is in the unfortunate event where an incident occurs. Whether it’s through human error, machinery failure or other circumstances, it’s incredibly important to get to the route of why the incident occurred. This is not only vital for understanding what went wrong and where, but it also helps with putting preventative measures in place to protect workers in the future. Furthermore it will also help to identify any training needs for staff on best practices for health and safety.

Regular training

Finally, a key aspect of maintaining good health and safety practice in the workplace comes with training. To ensure your staff and your workplace stay up to date with health and safety, they should undergo regular training, whether this is from a general perspective or more role specific training courses.


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The strangest factors that can have an effect on working safely

By law businesses in the UK must comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act, which ensures that appropriate health and safety is implemented to create a safe working environment. Of course, carrying out risk assessments for health and safety can throw up a whole host of different hazards, including the more obvious ones such as fire safety and first aid. But there are a few more unusual ones that you may need to think about that can effect on working safely.


These can consist of environmental, workplace or employee factors, but should definitely be a consideration.

The Weather

If you have employees who are carrying out work outside, then the chances are that weather is already on your radar as a potential hazard. Understandably extreme weather conditions, such as high heat, freezing cold, snow and torrential rain can all pose high to outdoor workers. Thus ensuring they have the appropriate workwear for the climate, such as an all-weather hi-vis jacket and gloves in cold weather and caps in the summers will ensure that workers are suitably protected from the elements.

In addition to this, even indoor workplaces should consider the weather as part of their health and safety assessments. Controlling the temperature inside the building by installing the appropriate heating and ventilation systems is vital to keeping your employees in good health and ultimately more productive. Also, it’s a good idea to consider the position of workstations close to windows, as sunlight streaming in can cause excessive heat in the summer, whilst these areas may be colder in the winter.


A little pressure in the workplace isn’t uncommon and in some industries is an essential part of the job, but stress can have a significant effect on working environments and safety. If employees subjected to a high level of pressure or extreme demand is put on them in the workplace, this can lead to them feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Besides the health implications to the individual that stress can have with regards to high blood pressure, breakdowns and time off sick, it can also cause inherent risks in the workplace too. A lapse in concentration, rushed work or taking on too much can cause mistakes to happen and can breach health and safety procedures.

Rest Areas

Another factor that can also affect work safety it not having an area in your business for rest and relaxation. Whether it’s a fully-equipped canteen or a small kitchenette with a few chairs, making sure you have somewhere where your employees can relax, eat and rest can help to refresh and revitalise workers, improving how they function during the working day.


Leading on from rest areas, it’s also very important to recognise the effect that tiredness can have on working safety, particularly in environments where there is machinery or vehicles. Furthermore, those industries where there are unusual working hours or night shifts should also pay attention to tiredness with employees, ensuring regular breaks are taken.


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Health and Safety in Zoos

The recent shocking events from Cincinnati Zoo in the US concerning the shooting dead of the 17-year old silverback gorilla Harambe have sparked multi-level discussions all around the world.


Leaving aside the highly emotive issue concerning the morality of the actions of the zoo keepers who authorised and carried out the shooting, one has to consider the circumstances leading up to this event. The fact that a small child could, with relative ease get into the great ape’s enclosure – whether he fell in or climbed in – raises questions around the safety of animal enclosures in zoos.

Public safety

All zoos and animal parks in the US must abide by safety rules set down by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration agency. These rules cover everything from providing zoo keepers and animal carers with personal protective equipment where necessary, to the design, size and purpose of each enclosure. For instance, enclosures which contain dangerous animals will be surrounded by safety fencing or dry moat trenches, all designed to prevent animals from escaping and members of the public from getting in. in the UK it is the government agency Defra which sets and oversees ‘Standards of Modern Zoo Practice.’

Rhino in Zoo

In both countries and in responsible zoos in other parts of the world, the safety and welfare of animals, keepers and visitors is catered for by hundreds of pages of regulations. The problem is that incidents keep occurring whereby people manage to get into animal enclosures and these invariably end in tragedy.

Harambe’s death not an isolated incident

The death of Harambe the gorilla was far from rare and in fact, as National Geographic report, this was just one death of several in one week, in zoos around the world. In a shameful indictment of the lapse in safety standards in zoos both well run and otherwise, the Born Free USA organisation report that, since 1990, animals have died during escapes or attacks 42 times in American zoos. And including the incident at Cincinnati Zoo 15 incidents have resulted in humans being killed with 110 leading to injury, since 1990.

In 2004 another gorilla, called Jabari, was fatally shot by police officers after escaping from Dallas zoo and attacking several people.

Lions and tigers have killed 5 people and injured 41 on separate occasions since 1990.

The stupidity of humans knows no bounds

In spite of the extensive safety precautions put in place at zoos and animal parks – and these can vary widely – it seems that some people will find a way to put themselves in danger.

Another story in the news recently is one from Chile’s National Zoo in which two lions had to be shot dead by zoo officials because a suicidal man jumped into their enclosure. In China’s Yeshanko Wildlife Zoo a man got into a walrus enclosure in order to take a selfie with the animal. Sadly, the walrus drowned him!

Personal responsibility

Safety precautions are there to keep us safe. However, people also have a responsibility to keep themselves – and their children – out of harm’s way.


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Lone Workers – Are You Covered For Health & Safety Legislation?

As an employer it’s your responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all members of staff, but there are some sectors and roles where you may employ or engage with lone workers. Of course, it isn’t against the law to work alone, but there should be additional considerations for those operating independently to ensure they remain healthy and safe, and that you are covered for health and safety legislation outlined in the Health & Safety Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.


In the same way that you would carry out risk assessments for your entire workforce, lone workers should have the same principles applied, but the risks and procedures need to be specifically tailored to lone workers who will have little or no supervision. They need to be fully prepared to deal with foreseeable situations and all potential risks should be accounted for.

Lone Worker Roles

There are various roles that may require employees to work alone without direct supervision, which are categorised into fixed establishments and mobile workers. Fixed establishments may have lone workers who operate from their homes, in small workshops, petrol stations, shops or kiosks; as well as those who work alone for long periods in factories, warehouses, fairgrounds or leisure centres; and those who work outside of normal working hours like cleaners, security and maintenance staff.  Mobile workers can include remote roles in construction, plant installation, repair and maintenance and cleaning work; agricultural and forestry work; and service workers such as postal staff, estate agents, social and medical workers, sales and service executives who are visiting domestic and commercial properties.

Lone Worker

Assessing the inherent risks

As with any role, it’s important to assess the risks and implement the appropriate preventative measures. To ensure you have all risk elements covered, it’s important to involve lone workers in this process as they will know the job inside out to put forward suggestions on avoiding risks. This could be ensuring the right safety equipment is supplied and in good working order, such as safety headwear and gloves for construction workers or packing tools for warehouse workers that are safe to be operated by one person. It is also imperative to consider if the job is actually safe to be carried out by one person and provide necessary assistance if it’s deemed too difficult or unsafe.

Once risks have been assessed, it is your legal obligation as an employer to instruct and train lone workers on health and safety matters, as well as consider the appropriate level of supervision. In those instances where the lone work is in a high-risk situation, there should be a greater level of supervision imposed.

Training is Key

With training in mind, it is vital to ensure adequate training for risks is applied to maintain healthy and safe staff. This can include basic first aid, along with a first aid kit, fire safety and fire equipment training and how to cope with exposure to violence or aggression, will give lone workers the right skills and knowledge to be able to handle these risks.

As with any risk assessments for employees, to ensure you’re complying with Health and Safety Legislation regular monitoring and re-evaluation of lone workers and the risks they face also plays an important role in ensuring their safety.



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Cute Favors for Your Winter Wedding

Deciding on winter wedding favors can be a fun aspect of planning. Many couples are moving away from the tried and true favors that have been given out for years in favor of newer ideas their guests are likely to find cute.

Winter Wedding

One example of a cute favor for your winter wedding is Mason jar tiny pies. These are essentially mini fruit pies small enough to fit in Mason jar. You can bake small pies and place one in each jar for a cute favor your guests will love.

In keeping with the cuteness of mini anything, one cute winter wedding favor idea is a mini ice wine bottle to give to each guest. Ice wine is made from frozen grapes picked straight from the vine, which is where it gets its name from. You can have personalized labels printed up and wrap a label around each wine bottle.

For only a few dollars per guest you can choose to make personalized snowflake magnets for your winter wedding. Most craft stores sell the magnet strips as well as blank discs that you can paint and decorate as you wish.

Another option for personalized wedding favors is a wooden wine stopper. Or you can choose to save corks from bottles of wine you’ve consumed throughout the year and adorn them with a winter symbol such as a small snowflake. Using a Sharpie you can carefully write your wedding date on it.

If you’d rather not create your own wedding favors you can purchase reasonably priced ones that are cute for a winter wedding. One of your options is to purchase scented pine cone candles for each guest. These candles can be bought online in bulk, making it easy for you to order wedding favors that fit in nicely with your big day.

Whether you purchase coasters or make them at home, a coaster embossed with a large white snowflake allows you to give your guests a cute but practical gift. To create them at home you can purchase blank, clear coasters and glass paint. Divide each coaster into four sections and draw or paint a snowflake in each one. You can always paint your names and wedding date to the bottom of the coasters.

If you want to give an interactive wedding favors, consider making some small centerpieces using sparklers. You can find sparklers for weddings at pretty much any fireworks retailer, or you can always shop online if it’s more convenient. Just place a few wedding sparklers in a jar for every guests and you have a very inexpensive wedding favor that will warm your guests at a chilly winter wedding reception.

Guests with a sweet tooth will love it if they receive a small bag of chocolate covered Oreos from you. All you need are the appropriate number of Oreos and candy melts in a color such as blue. Grocery stores sell Oreos covered in white chocolate during the holidays. If you purchase these Oreos all you have to do is create edible snowflakes out of frosting.

For a wedding taking place around the holidays a cute favor is clear Christmas bulbs with all the ingredients for hot chocolate in them. You can open the bulb; pour in hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows and any other little extras you might want to add.

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Becoming a Teen Should Be Commemorated

Young teenager birthday parties are hard to pull off nowadays. Kids seem to be so numb to anything unless it is plugged in or dazzling. We were not really worried about our little girl-she will always be our little girl-but some of her more distant friends were another story. We knew that part of preteen and teen society is to have some sort of wow factor the other kids can remember you for. We looked into entertainment hire for children’s birthday parties.

Not the typical clown and pony act that used to wow little kids, but something more appropriate for a 12 year old girl turning 13. Read more ›

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Banking on the Big Buddha

When my state legalized marijuana, I was excited. After years of only being able to smoke marijuana in secret, I could buy and smoke it without getting in any legal troubles. The first thing I did to celebrate the legalization was buy some marijuana. There are so many different kinds of marijuana, that I didn’t know which one to choose. It was like a kid going to a toy store with his parents and having to choose from a wall full of toys. I decided to go with some marijuana grown from Big Buddha seeds.

I’ve heard some good things about the seeds from a few friends who have tried them before. Read more ›

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Selecting the Right Photo Booth Service for Your Wedding

If you are planning for your marriage party you will have to select the right Photo booth service to get the best value for your money as well as to have the joy and happiness of the moment caught in vivid details. With a good photo booth rental service it is really easy to have all the services related to photography and videos satisfied to your expectations. Well trained people at Social photo Booth are waiting to be a part of your celebrations and with their long years of experience in wedding photography as well as photo booth set up we can be your single point contact for all your photography related services.


When you sign their contract for a photo booth rental service they come with all the required things to your party and take photos and videos capturing and storing the most important occasion of your life forever. The guests at your party can use the photo booth service and can record a 10 second long video greetings and with great memories on this auspicious day. They take care to create the best possible atmosphere during the function and make you look like celebrity and maintain that feeling through their photo booth and help you enjoy each and every second of that fun filled day with excitement and record them for you to relive them at any time later in your life.

Photo Booth

Social Photo booth operates in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto and no wonder they are one of the best Photo booth Ottawa service in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Likewise they serve the whole of Toronto city with their Photo booth Toronto service. Their prices are very competitive and they offer many advantages that give back the value of every dollar you spend on their photo booth service. They add more to your photos through their premium and customized backdrops and they take care that these go well with the overall theme of the party.

Their deliverables include a highly customized photo strip or a guest book with the messages from your family and friends. They also give opportunity for you to upload all the images of your party to your social media websites like Face book and Twitter and you can also view your images online at any time and at the same time keep them private as per your choice. Due to all these and various other benefits they are your best way to run a photo booth and enrich your function the way you want all at very affordable costs.

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