Homework – Do students really benefit from learning at home?

Private Tutor

Recently some education experts have branded some compulsory homework as ‘completely pointless’ – claiming that the additional work is difficult for students and is a way of the government cutting down the education budget and pushing the pressure onto parents to help their child’s education.

Whether you agree or disagree with Tom Bennett who writes for the Times Educational Supplement, one thing is for sure and that is that home work is an essential part of any education – whether it be additional work from home or as he claims ‘ticking boxes’ and lacking really measured success.

Creating homework schedules

One thing that often comes down to the success of homework will be a good structure. Many parents in modern society find themselves very busy and not able to deal well with a structure of homework but if they are to help their children become successful they will have to put something together even if it means putting extra stress on themselves.

A few blocked hours every week should be set aside and distractions such as the TV, video games or friends should be removed. Make sure your child gets in the right time frame for learning and that when goals are met then they are rewarded.

By making homework more manageable your child will get the full benefits. If what Tom Bennett claims is true then homework may become a chore rather than a motivational task to get your child to where they need to be.

For more tips on homework see: Tips to help you make homework time a happy time

Hiring a private tutor to help with homework

For the wealthier parents out there then a private tutor can be used to aid a child’s learning at home. Since many children see their parents outside of school in an environment where they might play games or have a story at bedtime, a private tutor can create a separate experience for a child. Whilst they might still be studying at home (if not deciding to go for a private tutor at a learning centre) a different personality that comes with a private tutor might offer something a little different from their experience at school and be able to help them tackle their homework in their own learning style.

How much home work is enough?

The difficulties with homework comes with the fact that many children are at different stages in their education and sometimes of different levels. Whilst some need homework as a need for repeating what they have already learned in class, many will just find it a bit of an overload. It is worth speaking to the teacher to see whether they can either extend or condense the amount of homework they have to do. Whilst each Ofsted programme might cover the basics, the important thing is that your child gets the right results in the long run.

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Wise Man Uses Coupons

Wise Man Uses Coupons


Frugality. Practiced by the wise, encouraged by the elders, and – well – ignored by the young. Why? Is it because if we aren’t wearing Ralph Lauren, using iPhones, or sporting new LeBron shoes we aren’t cool? Like everything about a teenager, it is impossible to understand. It’s a shame more adolescents aren’t frugal because it has so much to offer! For one, it saves you money. Sales, coupons, memberships; all grant you the opportunity to save. However, it’s hard when expensive things around you – At the mall, on TV, and on your peers. Saving money isn’t always easy, but in the end it is worth it. Maybe the younger generation should really listen to a pop music, as Macklemore says in his new song Thrift Shop, “I’m like, “Yo – that’s fifty dollars for a T-shirt.” Limited edition, let’s do some simple addition. Fifty dollars for a T-shirt – that’s just something ignorant.”

One of my favorite examples of being frugal is thrift shopping. First off, it’s just plain fun. You can have fun being a thrift. Who would have thought! Second of all, the deals are amazing. Ralph Lauren Polos are usually seventy plus dollars. I got one for twelve. No one has to know. It looks just as good. Funky ties? No problem. Used Video games? You got it. For book coupons you can checkout rebateszone, they have coupons for different book stores like Chegg, Abebooks etc. Basically what I’m saying is if you go to the right place, you can get the same product for a whole lot less. As a teenager, this took me a while to understand, but once I got it, I was like “What have I been wasting my money on all these years?!”

Thrift shopping and finding discounts aren’t the only ways to save money. You can also use coupons to save. I remember when I was a kid, I used to run around the supermarket and collect all the coupons from the aisles. I gave them to my mom, not even knowing what I had in my hand. I just thought it was a fun.  As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized it’s still a game, just not a game of how many I can pick up; it’s a game of how much money I can save. I admit I don’t shop at the supermarket and pick up coupons there, but I do shop at the mall and print out coupons online. Even five dollars off is a bargain.

It is one thing to save money, but it is another thing what to do with the money saved. There are a lot of options. You could blow it all on a dream trip to the Bahamas, or you could go on a shopping spree at the mall. However, the smartest thing would be to put it into a savings account, a 401K account, a retirement fund, or whatever banking account you deem to be the best for you’re hard saved money. Being a thrift isn’t just about saving the money in the present – it’s also about saving the money for the future. Who knows what could happen in the next twenty years. You could experience hard times, lose your job, raise a family, or buy a house. Anything can happen, and it’s better to be prepared than not. Your life, and eventually your family could depend on your ability to save your money correctly.

Frugality is not just about saving money; it’s also about saving yourself. Alright, maybe not as dramatic, but being frugal can also mean controlling and posting limits for yourself. As the saying goes, more is not better! Most things in life should be done in moderation simply because taking more than what is needed is a waste. For example, eating the correct amount and type of food and not stuffing your face with Twinkies. It keeps you healthy and gives you a longer life span. Also, you need to live within your means. This means avoiding debt, learning what you can afford, and loving what you have.  It’s okay to want certain things like a flat screen TV, but it is not necessary to have it.

Frugality gives you an edge over the opponent, the opponent being anything from finances to your own personal improvement. Being prudent with your money can help you accomplish your dreams. For me, that dream is going to college. Sometimes being frugal can be hard, especially when it requires you to sacrifice one thing for another. However, in the end, when you accomplish your dreams it is worth every penny saved.



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Learning the Art of Balloon Twisting

When I am balloon twisting at an event I am often asked by parents how they too can learn balloon twisting. It seems that a lots of people fall in love with the sculptures as soon as they see them and would love to make these for their children at home. Getting started in balloon twisting is a little difficult if you do not have somebody to offer you a few general guidelines. I have therefore put together a few handy hints to help you get started along your journey.

Balloon Twisting

There are many places you can buy balloon twister starter kits. It’s best to steer clear from them as the quality of the balloons isn’t very good. These balloons will pop often and they are usually too short in length to make anything good. You will just about make up a dog if you are lucky. I have spoken to so many people that have gone down this route and failed and given up straight away. It’s important that you buy branded balloons otherwise they will not be sufficient. Look for brands such as Qualatex. These are great as they rarely pop and are the choice of professionals.

The next phase is the learning of the arts. Avoid buying books as they are a little one-dimensional and when you have a wealth of knowledge on You Tube it is a much better way to learn. I first began with a book and really struggled to understand the illustrations. There is a world of difference when you are seeing these on-screen in video formats. It is easily the best method to learn. There are a wealth of instructors on You Tube and some are great where as some are not so up to standard. If you are struggling with a video and the audio or visual quality is poor simply search for another video as they are many instructors with great sound and sufficient lighting. We really are spoilt for and for choice and to think all this is for free it’s wonderful.

You will come across some videos that teach you how to inflate the balloons with your mouth as they are very thin and difficult to blowup. I would simply purchase a pump as it’s a lot easier. I have attempted to blow modeling balloons up and really hurt my cheeks so I’ll never try this again and stick to my pump.

My final bit of advice is to never give up. When I first began balloon twisting, I was very slow and it took me a long time to make my first sculpture (a dog). My balloons were popping often (this was because of cheap balloons or putting too much air in them) and I found the whole process with the different twists quite challenging. Fast forward a year and I am now making some very impressive stuff and I find it very easy and increasingly enjoyable. Some people think I am quite gifted at what I do however I just persevered and decided to never give up. I guess this is true for any art or craft.

For a great childrens entertainer newbury ,super childrens entertainer fleet and great childrens entertainer farnborough book Ozzy.

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Kid’s Party Tips

Organising your child’s birthday party can be quite a stressful affair. As a children’s entertainer I’ve been at numerous parties the past few years therefore I can pass on to you some useful pointers. Here are some tips that will help you to ensure that the party runs smoother and hassle free.

Kids Party

Make up two different party bags, one for boys and one for girls. Places like Pondland are ideal to source items for these. Occasionally there will be more children in attendance than you invited. This is usually because a child will bring along his or her sibling. Therefore it’s important that you have a few more party bags in cases this happens.

Thanks to our American friends it seems a trend these days to have a piñata at the party. From my experience this is a bad idea as the children get bored queuing up and I have seen one child hit another with the stick when they missed the piñata. Also nearly every design I have seen has proved to be incredibly difficult to split once the child begins bashing it. If you do opt to include a piñata then it’s a good idea to weaken the cardboard a little, possibly with a few slits with a knife.

Try not to neglect the parents that are at the party. They will be there for two hours so make sure that tea coffee and biscuits are on offer. Its best to make sure there is adequate seating for the parents to watch the show.

It seems a good idea to scatter the floor with balloons before the children arrive. This is a really bad idea as it makes the children very wild as they chase each other around. I have seen numerous children in tears with bumped heads because of dreaded balloons scattered across the floor. The best course of action is to tie them to the wall so that there out of reach but the venue still has a party like appearance.

If you are booking entertainment such as a disco or a magician, make sure that there is a parking space saved for them. If you live in a residential area then more than likely the few car parking spaces rapidly fill up. The entertainer will have lots of equipment to bring in and for their convenience being parked near the entrance will be very helpful.

It’s a good idea to take the mobile numbers of parents that are leaving their children at the party. It is very rarely happens but occasionally a child may become a little stressed due to the absence of the parents. Nobody wants a screaming child at a party (especially if it isn’t yours!)

If you have hired out a community hall for the party make sure that the postcode and adequate directions are printed on the party invite. It also helps to tie balloons on the entrance if it is easily missed.   This has been enormously helpful to me on many occasions.

Finally try not to worry to much and enjoy yourselves. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures for cherished memories!

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Amzdeal Moving Life 8000mAh: Beautiful by Design

Nowadays, almost everyone in the world possesses multiple gadgets. As the gadgets have lot of features, it makes them consume a lot of power. The solution is to use Power Bank, where we can store a lot of power to be used ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE.


Amzdeal Moving Life 8000mAh offer you a great power solution!


Amzdeal Moving Life 8000mAh has a very beautiful design. It comes in a choice of 2 colors: pink and white. At first impression, this powerbank might look a little girlie, but not so! Amzdeal have designed this power bank with a prominent edge, which sets off it’s strong design and makes it suitable to use for men too. They put their logo Amzdeal on the lower side of the front and the Moving Life on the top. This is a wonderful combination and helps the product look great. This leaves a lot of blank space in front of the cover, so you can put everything you like here (for example, a sticker of your company). Take a look at the slim design (5.75 x 2.75 inches. 180g), you will be able to put it anywhere (even in your pocket) without taking up a lot of space. Amzdeal also use an eco-friendly material building this power bank, so it’s a positive step towards a green world!

The side of this power bank has a socket to charge the battery. The interface is mini-USB which is a standard rechargeable method nowadays. 4 blue lights on the side indicate how much power remains. It only takes a single touch to check the power and this helps make this powerbank easy to use.

Amzdeal give a pouch for every purchase of Moving Life 8000 mAh, which helps protect your beauty powerbank from dust.


Amzdeal Moving Life 8000 mAh uses Li-Polymer batteries as their component.

8000 mAh is enough amount to charge your gadget (such as your iPhone) up to 3-4 times a day (depending on the gadget you used). It’s not too bigor too small. It strikes the perfect balance in power-charging and power-using.

A white USB to Micro USB charging cable (approx 21 inches long) is included with every purchase. The cable is the perfect length to bring everywhere on your travels.


The slim and lightweight design, the look of this power bank is great. It has load of functionality and is a great size. It looks well (does not look cheap) beside high-end gadgets such as the iPhone.


If you wish to charge a tablet PC, it will a higher capacity battery. But as long as you use only gadgets such as  cell phones, smartphones, iPhone, it will be more than adequate.


White Color: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00J7FDA0G

Pink Color: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00J7FDB5U




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How to write a dissertation?

Before you jump to conclude about how to write a dissertation you must know what dissertation is all about. Because, they say a problem well defined is half solved. Dissertation writing is essentially a thesis writing based on facts and figures obtained through researches in a given niche and for a product or service. It sets out the journey with a mission statement followed by researches over a period of time on sample group/s and then assimilates that data/observation into a systematic presentation. This logical presentation will lead to a conclusion or a couple of conclusions based on those findings of the researches.


Essential components of dissertation writing:

There is no straight jacket formula in terms of finding essential components of dissertation writing. But, there are certainly a couple of elements in each dissertation in absence of which you will find your dissertation writing going haywire.

  • Research topic or proposition: Dissertation writing must begin with the clear statement of the research topic in an unambiguous manner so that your reader can form a clear mindset about what he/she can expect to see in the main course of dissertation as well as in the end. This in other words it can be termed as mission statement that helps frame the future course of actions in dissertation writing.
  • Conceptualization: The second step is the conceptualization of the project and at this stage you must chose the market segment and your TG (Target Group) alongside decision on the process of working on the project.
  • Research: At this step there are pointers against which you need to substantiate your work and findings.
  • Analysis of the findings: What you found during the research are now required to be analyzed based on the set parameters of your project. Here you need a thorough overhaul of facts and figures so that you can essentially land up to several probable resolutions.
  • Dissemination of the findings: Dissemination of the findings in effect talks about logical debate on every possible resolution that you arrived at through analysis of the findings. This helps you eliminate the weak ones while ushers to the most appropriate one or ones.
  • Logical presentation: You have to now present your case in a coherent manner so that every step of your project appears real well documented by facts and figures. This will help your reader to fall in line with you.
  • Conclusion: Post describing every step of the project alongside the outcome you are then required to conclude the output that must correlate with your dissertation topic.

In short as a dissertation writer you don’t have the opportunity for beating around the bush; rather have to be bang on your topic of the project. Your dissertation writing therefore should narrate a well knit story in a comprehensive manner – that’s the catch.

Who can write your dissertation?      

Unfortunately there are a lot of options running helter-skelter in the name of dissertation writing. Everyone claims to be different and expert. But, my friend if you are serious about your dissertation writing you can’t really afford to hire just anyone for the same. Onus to mention, the market is abuzz with options in the arena of dissertation writing. But, the million dollar question that may be shrouding your mind is, can these people really write your dissertation? What do they do during your dissertation writing?

Before hiring services from just anyone try with how to write dissertation for your dissertation writing that has earned a name for itself in UK and in major advanced countries of the world such as US and Australia. Call them at +44 (0) 20 3514 8888.

How to choose your partner for dissertation writing?

Choosing the right partner in the matters of your dissertation writing can make or break your fortune. How? Let’s presume that you are to submit your doctoral papers, what do you do then? The following steps can work as a blanket advice in terms of choosing your partner.

  • Making of a list of renowned dissertation writing partners: At the outset you must jot down the names of the people or parties that are engaged in dissertation writing.
  • Go by the name and reputation: Choosing the right partner for your dissertation writing must be guided by the name and reputation that the partner enjoys in the market. This will help you pinpoint only on a few writers or writing organizations.
  • Check what’s on offer:  Check the offers and service charges of the dissertation writers and make a list of them. This will effectively help you compare services vis-à-vis its’ prices.
  • Reference and sample check:  Ask for references and samples from the short listed dissertation writers or organizations so that you can check their track record and the quality beforehand.

Now, I can fairly presume that you have gained sufficient inputs in terms of who can write your dissertation. Alternatively check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kx-4lZbrf_o for some idea on the same.

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5 Top Tips For A Gorgeous Home

If you’re anything like me, you could spend half your life on Pinterest, idly assembling your virtual dream home. Also, if you’re anything like me, you’ll scarcely have the time to even vacuum your home, let alone make it as beautiful as the pictures! You need some shortcuts; some tips for making the best of your place without breaking the bank. Here you go:

  1. Have A Clear Out

Before you get started with sprucing up the place, you’re going to have to optimise. Spend a weekend clearing out all the stuff you don’t need or don’t want anymore. The golden rule is not to keep anything in your home that you do not consider beautiful or know to be useful. Everything else can go to charity, get listed on eBay, or take a one-way trip to the tip. Once you’ve got rid of everything that doesn’t fit the beautiful or useful criteria, you know what you’ve got to work with. Give everything a thorough dust and clean, then fall into bed exhausted.

  1. Pick A Colour Scheme

Devise a palette of no more than five principal colours that complement each other. Consider wallpapering or painting if you have the time, but if not, try and arrange items and soft furnishings in such a way that the colour scheme is apparent. Dyeing and painting where appropriate are good ways to get items that don’t fit to work within the scheme. A good colour scheme will bring warmth and character into a space, making it more pleasant to spend time in.

  1. Hang Some Artwork

You needn’t be a multi-millionaire to own good artwork these days. There are plenty of shops and websites where you can purchase beautiful affordable original art that will really make a statement in your home. When choosing a piece of art for a particular space, consider the size, the subject matter and the colour scheme. No matter how much you like a painting, if it doesn’t go with the furniture or colours in your home, it will be a waste of money. Choose wisely and take your time.


  1. Never Underestimate the Power of A Good Car Boot

Whilst spending a sunny Sunday morning staring at other people’s cast-offs and sniffing bad burgers isn’t exactly heaven on earth, the humble tradition of the car boot sale can be a real treasure trove. If you’re willing to enjoy the experience of nosing through a whole heap of junk, you will be rewarded with some real bargains. The same goes for charity shops. You stand a good chance of picking up some stunning stuff for your pad at a fraction of shop prices. Don’t be put off by David Dickinson, the chances are he won’t be at your local car boot!

  1. Keep It Personal

No matter what you do with your home, don’t lose sight of the personal touch. At the end of the day, your home is yours, and whatever you have in it should reflect your personality. Not only should you feel comfortable, but your home should be a place where your friends and family feel welcome, relaxed and happy. There is a thin line between interior elegance and the cold impersonality of the show house. Don’t let your home cross the line. Stay true to yourself, and don’t erase your own unique character from the one place you call your own.

Humans are hard-wired to react positively to good colour schemes and welcoming spaces. In a happy home, you will laugh more, be less stressed and even find yourself more productive in your work and hobbies. Surrounding yourself with beautiful things makes you feel good… that’s a fact! So start making a home you feel proud of, where you can chill out and be yourself: your own little sanctuary from the world.

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Destination Management Company: Brazil

Destination Management Company in Brazil is responsible for helping travelers organize a trip to Brazil. Whether the trip is for a business meeting, convention or personal reasons this management company can provide travelers with everything they need to successfully navigate Brazil and make the most of their stay.

Rio Brazil

There are an endless number of things to see and do in Brazil making planning a trip there overwhelming at times. Destination Management Company can help a traveler plan out where they will go and what they will see and will point them towards attractions and areas that most travel agents overlook.

Many people travel to Brazil on business and working with the Destination Management Company helps business owners schedule and organize meetings or other events held in Brazil. The company can propose an itinerary that will allow those in attendance to conduct the business they are there to conduct and enjoy the sights of Brazil during their free time.

Using the Destination Management Company helps people make plans in almost any city they are visiting. In general, destination management companies act as a reliable source of information for out of towners who may want to do some sightseeing on their own time. Anytime a company -wide meeting or other event needs to be set up, destination management companies such as the one in Brazil are always a big help. These DMC Brazil companies can help a business owner find a venue for their meeting and book the venue accordingly. A company such as this one acts as sort of a professional concierge service for those looking to do business in a destination that is likely unfamiliar to them. Setting up transportation between airports and meeting places, as well as arranging for the rental of a block of hotel rooms is the kind of tasks destination management companies were designed to tackle.

No matter what particular destination a client is planning an event or meeting at there is a destination management company to assist them in their planning. This assistance can include offering general information about the area as well as any specific rules or laws a company should know about before scheduling some type of event. The staff of any destination management company serves as a tour guide of sorts for those traveling to the destination in question. While they do not give travelers an actual tour of their destination they can recommend local restaurants and other attractions based on their client’s preferences.

The goal of any destination management company is to help visitors make the most of their time in a destination that is new to them. Companies looking for a quiet place to hold a retreat or company party can consult with a destination management company to find out what their recommended options are.

In this day and age of everyone being extremely busy destination management companies take the time to help people slow down and enjoy their surroundings when they have arrived in a new destination.

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MyVegas slots app review

The myVegas Slot app is available to iPad, iPod and iPhone users only. It is the mobile version of the widely popular Facebook game of the same name. myVegas Slots allows players to partake in all the fun of Las Vegas. The added appeal of this app is that when people use it to play their favorite slot machine games they can actually earn comps that can be used in real Las Vegas casinos. This is the perfect app for anyone who loves slot machines and is ever planning on taking a trip to Las Vegas. So despite of the fact that this app doesn’t enable you to play for real money, you do get to win real life prizes, which is fairly unique for an app in the iTunes store.

Las Vegas

The game selection available on this application is frequently updated with all the latest casino games. By playing these games it is even possible to earn vouchers to redeem in select Las Vegas Strip casinos.

The most popular purchases on the myVegas Slots app include Vegas Strip Challenge, the Rookie Chip Pack, Hit It Rich Chips and High Roller Chips. These chips can be used on any of the slot machine games available on the application.

When it comes to mobile applications for slot machine games myVegas boasts one of the best selections of new and classic games that players love.

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Ways to Choose the best Job Consultancy to Apply for a Job

Placement is something that any service oriented person worries about in their lives. Every one of us also desires the best possible jobs that are both high paying and have good job security. If you are not having the appropriate experience and knowledge that is needed to get such a job, it is very important that you get a job recruiter.

Job Consultant

Like any other service, the job recruiters are abundant in number and it also a fact that all the recruiter services don’t offer the most optimum services. The job of any recruitment agency is that it should be able to satisfy the employer as well as the candidate in terms of salary structure, job description, roles and responsibilities and other essentials.

An efficient manpower consultant who would recommend a particular organization on HR policies, payment package, incentive structure, performance assessment for attracting and retaining the talent of the company is worth every candidate’s attention. The most important thing that is involved in these services is the empanelment quotient.

How to judge a recruitment agency on its empanelment quotient?

This is one of the most important question that should always come to the minds of the candidates The best way in these cases are when you look at the agency’s testimonials and also try to ask them about the different types of facilities that they can offer you. Well, the best way to do so is to look for the agency’s testimonials and seek for facilities that it provides you when hiring candidates for a particular job.

The different things that a person should take care of before hiring of professional help

  • Candidate’s needs are equally as important as the requirements of the company. The recruitment agency should be well balanced with the requirements of the company as well as a candidate’s needs. If they are doing a well versed employer branding then they should also look for your comfort and standard that will be offered to the candidates.
  • A must visit agency among all is that agency is any recruitment agency who talks and serves you with facilities such as canteen, commuting facility, a proper and written HR structure, PF, leaves and other funds reimbursement with proper documentation. Being a candidate if you can find any of such agency serving you with almost all such facilities then going for it would be an apt decision to make from your part.

In an era, where finding a job consultant is as easy as buying crockery, even one small mistake can ruin the whole set and lead to something that is not repairable. It is therefore important that one must pay attention on details as a right employment firm can make your career and take you to great heights of success.

It is also very important that you take care of your financial status and identity as these are the things that set you apart in the social hierarchy. This factor depends a lot on your job and a good job can only come from an experienced and perceptive manpower consultant. The more you would get involved in choosing your right consultant, the better job opportunity you would get.

Constantly in this article it has been stressed upon the fact that the person who is looking for a job should keep a firm eye on the details of the company that you are looking for consultation. More often than not, it is the best way to make out the potential of a particular recruitment firm.

As the era advances, new and advanced recruitment ways and techniques are coming up that are able to make the recruitment and the placements of the candidates a much easier and quicker task. At present, there are potential manpower consultants who are making a stand in the market by offering the employers as well as the candidates with best matched work professionals.

A job is something that is able to change many things in the life of a person, so a person should be extra careful. The professional help, if hired carefully could easily turn around your life for good. These professional helps could therefore ensure the fact that you have a prosperous, comfortable and fruitful job experience.

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